More Boat than Bike

With some regret, I decided that in order to make my date in Venice, April 25th, I'd have to bypass Albania and Montenegro. Plus, with the fairly constant rain and unusually chilly tempertures, the warm and dry overnight ferry to Bari, Italy was too tempting to pass up. From there, I would catch the ferry to Dubrovnik.
I was tossed around a bit more by the sea, but actually managed some sleep, then had a day to wander Bari. This part of the world is so full of preserved history that even visiting a non-tourist destination like Bari, I was able to see so much.

Finally contact with another tourer! Boarding the ferry from Bari to Dubronik Ed Hanna, of Portland, OR, and I spotted each other and headed straight for the bar to share stories and information. Unlike the previous ferry, this was one was a well preserved relic of the 80s. We managed to sit among what appeared to be a huge Italian family's Easter vacation and were fed some kind of quiche with ham, a chocolate iced yellow cake and Neaopolitan apples. What luck!

It was so great to connect with Ed! He's been on the road for a month, beginning in Silicy, and wandering up through southern Italy. We parted ways after a fun filled 24 hours in Dubrovnik, but it sounds like our paths may cross again in Hungary.



3 thoughts on “More Boat than Bike

  1. Liz and I are doing our work for Butler or maybe not since we are reading your blog and wishing we had a ferry ride. You are a good writer.

  2. Hey Nate! Did you know that half of my mom’s Italian family is from Bari?! Probably why you felt the love there 🙂
    We miss you!

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